Monday, December 4, 2017

'Tis the Season...

I've gathered together some vintage photographs and postcards to say "May your days be merry and bright..."
Printed in Germany for U.S. market, 1911

Birds were popular Christmas card subjects, c.1907-1915

There are many versions of Santa.
For collectors, Santa in colors other
than red are highly sought after.
A & S Publishers, c. 1906
Real Photo postcard, c. 1910
An idyllic snowy landscape framed
 in holly was a common theme.
 This card was mailed in 1908
Cats were also popular Christmas card subjects, c. 1907-1915
Printed in Saxony for U.S. market, c. 1905-1915

Armstrong-Melick family, Roseville, Ohio, c. 1907

John Winsch design, copyright 1913
Jos. Hoover & Sons Publishers, 1916
Daisy Margurite Melick, Roseville, Ohio, 1904

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